Tuesday, 14 May 2013

North Sutor Naval Defences

Plans had been made, re made and finalized so on a reasonably decent Saturday myself, TheMadOne and Brother_Bear set off for a bit of an explore to North Sutor. North Sutor (location here) was constructed in World War One and then enlarged in World War Two in order to provide cover for the Cromarty Firth. Sadly a lot of original furnishing have been removed but a reasonable amount of the building are in good condition along with a large(ish) underground magazine.
Anyway, enough with the words and on with the pictures!

One of the original gun emplacements 

The tunnel that led to the magazine - there was a ladder but we decided against using it

The biggest - and tidiest - room in the magazine

The ladder

And Daylight !! More photos of one of the gun emplacements

The small building that housed the ladder

Loving the camo paint!

A nice landscape picture

Possibly a lookout post?

Finally...my favorite picture of the day

All in all, this was a really good day and i would happily go back!

All images copyright 2013

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