Sunday, 30 June 2013

South Sutor - Boars and Bunkers

So, first new explore we had been on in a while and what a good day we had for it. Brother_Bear, Calthing, TheMadOne and I all set off for a mooch around South Sutor.
South Sutor is just across the water from North Sutor, where we went on a previous occasion. Together the guarded the Cromarty Firth which was used as a base for the Royal Navy Home Fleet and the scene of the Invergordon Mutiny in 1931.

South Sutor - we had been told - was larger than North Sutor, however some of it was..."guarded" Boars which were being kept there by the landowner. The site was split into two halves - as the map shows. (Map found here)

Sadly, not only were the Boars there (at least 10) they also had young and as we didn't fancy being charged by them we left, vowing to return another day to see the rest of the site.
 Anyway, on the the photos.

The Fire Control Post, complete with camouflage paint and the blast shutters were still intact.

This door was rusted shut

Concrete mounts

A room with a view

The blast shutters
And again

We found these, just along from the Fire Command Post- no idea what they are. Maybe storage for something

We found this in the undergrowth

The stairs were covered in moss

It lead to an engine room
The guard boars 

Walking back we came across this in the woods

We think this was the Extended Defense Officers Post

It was surprisingly undamaged, door opened, blast shutter intact ect

Watch this space, we will return

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

North Sutor: The Magazine

One of the main highlight of the trip to North Sutor was the magazine. I was going through my old post when i noticed how little of the magazine i had actually mentioned. So here's a post on the magazine itself.

This was a small building that housed a ladder leading down into the magazine, one of two entrances.

This was the ramp we decided we to slide down.

This is what greeted us at the bottom. The room was pitch black and the floor covered with rubbish and rocks.


Looking up the tunnel


This was the biggest room in the bunker. Note the marks on the wall - formerly there was some structure used to hold shells.


It was a large structure, and the paint had lasted all these year. 

The ladder - we decided against using it as it appeared rusted through.

Another shot of the tunnel.

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