Sunday, 23 June 2013

North Sutor: The Magazine

One of the main highlight of the trip to North Sutor was the magazine. I was going through my old post when i noticed how little of the magazine i had actually mentioned. So here's a post on the magazine itself.

This was a small building that housed a ladder leading down into the magazine, one of two entrances.

This was the ramp we decided we to slide down.

This is what greeted us at the bottom. The room was pitch black and the floor covered with rubbish and rocks.


Looking up the tunnel


This was the biggest room in the bunker. Note the marks on the wall - formerly there was some structure used to hold shells.


It was a large structure, and the paint had lasted all these year. 

The ladder - we decided against using it as it appeared rusted through.

Another shot of the tunnel.

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